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How to secure your WordPress Site

Types of Website Attacks

  • Defacement: Change in appearance of website
  • Malicious redirect: Malicious redirect attack redirect your website to another website
  • iFrame Injection : Embed a hidden iframe on your website that load another webite on your visitor browser and this can lead to infecting for website
  • Phishing Scam:
  • Search engine Optimization Spam: This attack ruin your seach engine result
  • Back door shell: An attacker upload a PHP code to your website, which allow him to control your website.

How to Prevent These Attacks

  • Update WordPress website
  • Update plugins
  • Use Firewall to protect your server
  • Use plugin and themes from trusted source
  • Manage WordPress users using the concept of least Privileges
  • User complex and secure password
  • Limit built in user role
  • Monitor and establish user accountability. Know who logged in , when, what changes made, what was done.
  • Remove unused theme, plugin, files that that are not patched or used for a long time.

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