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How to Install and setup WordPress

In this tutorial I will show you how to Install WordPress on you local device. You can install WordPress on Windows, Mac and Linux and it is very easy to setup.

Before Installing WordPress, you will need to set up your Web Server. You can install XAMPP on Linux, Windows and Mac OS as your web server. Installing LAMP gives you Apache Server, PHP and MySQL database, and phpMyAdmin on your local Machine.

You can download LAMP from https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html and install LAMP on your local machine.Once you have successfully downloaded and installed LAMP create a database for your WordPress site. For this tutorial I will name the database wp-trainin and once you have completed your database stepup  go to the link http://wordpress.org/download/ and click on download WordPress.

WordPress zip folder will be download into your Download folder on your computer, unzip the WordPress folder and rename folder, you can name the folder to whatever name you like but this training I will re-name the WordPress folder to wp-training.

Go to your server root folder copy wp-training folder and paste it into your server root folder usually the folder name is htdocs for XAMPP.

Open up your web browser and go to localhost/wp-training, you will see the page below

Click Let’s go

Fill in the necessary information required for the above and click submit

Click Run Installation

Fill in the necessary information required for the above and click install WordPress

When you see screen similar to the above it indicate that you have successfully install WordPress and you can now login.

Once you are logged in you will be taken into WordPress Dashboard as shown below.

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